Feeling Lost Again…

Me and My Mental Health Matters

Please be aware that some of the content may be triggering. Please take care 💚

The last few weeks (probably longer) have been really tough mentally. My thoughts have been everywhere. I feel lost. I don’t feel connected to anyone. I just feel like I don’t know what to do or who to turn to. This has meant things have felt chaotic.

I am trying so hard to be OK. So hard not to burden everyone. So hard to just keep going. But I’m failing. Things I shouldn’t do have been appealing and led to some questionable decisions. This means I’m just making things worse. Self harm is a part of my daily life anyway but it’s more appealing and more of a need. I’ve contacted someone who has hurt me in the past and he’s making me uncomfortable. I feel lost in this world.

I am also trying to…

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