The choir.

at least i have a brain

THe Musical Director’s view.

❤️The Choral Director is both a position of privilege and responsibility.

The world we knew how to produce choirs in is gone. What was a compact sound bubble, a cocoon for each section in the choirs we all knew for all our lives is now not so. The silence and the isolation vocally were so genuine a struggle for every choir member the world over.

Thank God we have resumed singing again in a safe environment. At our rehearsals, Thank God all of our choir have survived the silence.

I feel that I watch a genuine evolution each week in Caritas from October 1st, we began to re-meet.

However tonight, in that room I sensed that it was the night to begin thinking about that wee bit of physical space between us, and how to fill it. I opened that topic and how the absence of…

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