You’re Probably Queuing Next to Someone Who’s Struggling

Jaime Stenning - a life uncut

This happened to me today…

Context: I’m on holiday in Cornwall with my two little ones. We’re at the Eden Project, one of my happy places. I’ve been really struggling with my mental health for about a month. I’m doing my best… it’s not great.

I’m queuing for a coffee. A 70 something woman starts queuing behind me and as soon as she arrives I feel anxiety. She’s right behind me, a total space invader.

I move forwards, backwards, sideways to try and get some space. She moves closer to me every single time. You’re not going to get there any quicker!

Normally in this situation, I’d spend the next ten minutes queuing and feeling uncomfortable. Today, I decided to pluck up the courage to speak.

I turn around and say ‘would it be ok if you gave me a little bit of space please?’

Her response could have been:…

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