The time … my older wanted to try ice skating

Ellie the Crunch

So my high functioning 9 years old who generally speaking hates most sports asked to try ice skating. I jumped on it.
We had a first lesson with a veteran ice skating coach who seemed right out of the military.

Apparently during the session my son kept on expressing that he was scared.
At the end of the lesson the coach comes to me and tells me:”your son kept on using the F word”

I was shocked, literally my mouth was in a O shape … my son doesn’t curse! I guess he saw my indignation and he mouthed: “Fear”… then went on saying that he doesn’t want to hear fear from him.
I took it all in for a few days then I texted him saying that we will probably try another coach next week. He asked why and I explained the HFA issue and that the fact that…

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