November In Sights

Hey Momma

In Numerology

November Represents (Master number) ’Eleven’

Meaning: The Spiritual Messenger. Sensitive. Dreamy. It is creative and magnetic, a beacon of wisdom and hope.

Crystal loving.

Chakra balancing.

High vibin.

Hug thuggin.

Hope dealing

Inspiration slinging



November is a good time to hone in on your intuitive abilities. Don’t ignore your instincts. The spiritual gangsta knows that happiness is an intimate experience with your own heart. Be protective with your time and your space.



Stand back and reassess.

True strength is realised when you dare to become completely vulnerable and honest with yourself. Never try to convince anyone to believe what you believe, but rather share your message in such a way that others want to be involved in whatever you are doing.



Draw upon the cosmic forces for inspiration. Experiences occurring now are exciting, stimulating and and likely to…

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