The One Where I Got Serious About My Mental Health

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What is this life? My life is a twister and I’m an untethered trampoline, gliding haphazardly over your house flapping in the storm while you catch up on your socials. You would only know I was up there if you looked out of your window. Thing is nobody is looking. How’d you think the aliens have got away with it for so long?
I’ve never been this unstable. Even through serotonin syndrome, and numerous crises. I know it’s serious because I am strangely calm. Calm isn’t maybe the best word. Resigned maybe fits more adequately. The whole of my time apart from sleep is filled completely by distractions from the minute I get up until the time to sleep. These things aren’t helping but still I continue to complete these tasks.
Usually my problems escalate when things become too chaotic in my head. Like there is too much information to…

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