The Gift of New Eyes

Don't Lose Hope

“We are stronger, gentler, more resilient, and more beautiful than any of us imagine.” – Mark Nepo

The journey of freedom and discovery doesn’t always require new experiences; it can simply require new eyes.

It is seeing the familiar in fresh, or different, ways.

And challenging the way that we interpret life events, and reassessing meaning, and conclusions we have drawn, can often be achieved through basic questioning …

Questioning which shakes up our old, ingrained beliefs.

For example, Angeles Arrien (who wrote the Four Fold Way) suggests we stop and ask ourselves the following each day:

1 “What surprised me today?”

2. “What moved or touched me today?” and

3. “What inspired me today?”

This questioning process might feel difficult at first. It might feel a bit false, a bit unnatural to us.

But as we practise more and more it will become much easier, and we’ll…

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