The one where I shared a poem I wrote, hoping it doesn’t suck too hard.

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If this truly is the end
I just want to say, you know what?
Time with you all, those pieces dotted and dashed inside that maelstrom I lived in?
They made it worth it.
Dancing with my dad to ‘Love really hurts without you’ He probably won’t even remember. But that was joy dad. That was living.
I have soundtracks for all of you.
It’s my time machine.
Live vicariously through those songs. Through those times.
Let’s all be at a fishing presentation in the late 80’s
Let’s all dance in front of the disco lights, shocking flares of primary colours
We’re all wearing our best, we all have the shiniest shoes.
Measured by Clarks.
Big glasses of Vimto on the table probably delivered by the Pop man.
I’m tired.
I’ve danced too much for such a small person.
I’m just going to lie down on the cushioned pew, rest…

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