Trauma Journaling Prompts

Don't Lose Hope

Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.” – Christina Baldwin

Writing is an outlet which can help us process trauma. It helps us sort out feelings, and gives the pain a voice. It’s a way of bearing witness to the messiness, and chaos. It also reveals progress, and ways in which we’ve changed.

Instructions for Journaling

We are going to journal for the next 7 days. Find a quiet place where you feel comfortable, and won’t be disturbed.

Each day, take one of the listed prompts and try to write honestly and freely.

Note: Some of the prompts relate specifically to processing trauma. Others, are focused more on self-care.

Prompt 1: Write down the things you are willing to share about your trauma. Also, think about the things you don’t want to share – or talk about – right now. This might include specific facts and…

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