New! A breakthrough in non invasive brain surgery

Epilepsy Talk

Called PING…

This is exciting stuff. In fact, I just read about it now.

It was written about in Science Daily, just yesterday…and in Neuroscience News, six days ago.

Basically, it’s a form of neurosurgery called PING. (Don’t you just love it?) And it uses microbubbles to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and deliver neurotoxins targeted at the problematic brain area.

In a noninvasive can way, Doctors can treat debilitating neurological diseases by removing faulty brain circuits, without the need for conventional brain surgery.

Diseased brain cells are removed without a scalpel, using low-intensity focused ultrasound waves combined with microbubbles to briefly penetrate the brain’s natural defenses and allow the targeted delivery of a neurotoxin.

This neurotoxin kills the culprit brain cells while sparing other healthy cells and preserving the surrounding brain architecture.

“This unique approach eliminates the diseased brain cells, spares adjacent healthy cells and achieves these outcomes without even…

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