WOTDC: Bubbly

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

This word makes me laugh. A vivacious, tenacious, and bubbly character appears to run parallel with the Type A personality. Though this is often true, these traits can also suit the Type B personality.

Recently, my favorite Netflix series has become Emily in Paris!

She’s incredibly bubbly!! I’ve watched in inspiration by her confidence in her decisions. Whether her move, start with a new company, convictions, or outfit, she shows little insecurity.

The Type B personality is mine. I’m faulty quiet, kind, and shadowed by the A’s around me. I doubt myself sometimes, and second guess if I made the right decision.. If you’re lucky, though, you’ll be see the rare side to who I am. I’m just as forward with seeking what I want, voicing my needs, and standing up for myself.

As I’ve said, though one seems to better fit a bubbly individual, both have spaces for…

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