My Law School Gist

Street Tribe

Ehhhhhhhmmmmm lets End the year with my Law school gist🤭🤭

So let me gist you guys about one lady like that…So you never know lawyers can pray until Bar finals show up…. after resuming from the long Covid-19 break to news that exams were a month away with only 3 months of lectures and almost not effective few months online lectures with 20 broad topics to read in each course. That’s about 100 topics to read on your own and understand within a month….going to the revision class was like going to remind yourself how much you don’t know🙃🙃 and we all know there are always people who are ever ready ( probably those who read or attended tutorial during the lockdown) and the would-be quoting sections from laws you never heard about🤦🏾‍♀️ and people like Mrs. Egbe would be like “If you don’t know this one at this time…

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