Wishing You a Calm, Happy and Well New Year

Jaime Stenning - a life uncut

I’m not one for making resolutions. I think most will be broken by mid-January. Instead, I take a pause to think about my life, my health and then wish myself well for the coming year.

There is unfortunately no magic pill or silver bullet to fix your mental health. It takes a combination of hard work, motivation and patience to get yourself well and even then things can still go wrong. I’ve learnt this year that even when I’ve been more well than I have been in years, my illness can creep back in at any moment and take me by surprise.

Don’t beat yourself up for being unwell. It’s not your fault. Try hard to get yourself back on track and know that this too shall pass.

For those spending New Years alone… grab your pjs, a box of chocolates or something yummy. Put your favourite feel good movie…

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