10 Tips for Parents New to Autism

Autistic Science Person

Did you just find out your child is autistic?

Here are 10 tips for anyone who is new to understanding autism and autistic people. Please note that these are general guidelines. Every autistic person is different and can have different sensory and/or communication needs.

1. Autistic people are human beings.

2. We are not “lost in our own world.”

3. We may develop differently, and that is okay.

4. Autistic people have empathy (and yes, feel love).

  • Not showing affection in the same way, doesn’t mean autistic people don’t care about their family.

5. Many of us have alexithymia – It can be hard to recognize and label our emotions (even pain).

6. A lot of us have sensory sensitivities which can be painful (and you may not know it yet!)

  • Sensory overload and pain in general, can be a reason that we self-injure.
    • Things to try: Ear defenders, headphones…

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