2022 Patient Recommendations for TOP Neurologists…Epileptologists…Neurosurgeons…and Pediatric Doctors

Epilepsy Talk

Below is a compilation by website forum members who have had positive personal experiences with docs over the years.

This list is based on recommendations and, of course, is purely subjective. Butit might be helpful for anyone looking for a good Neurologist…Epileptologist…Neurosurgeon…or Pediatric Doctor.

NOTE: The National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) provides a directory of specialized epilepsy centersin the U.S. along with other useful information about epilepsy. http://www.naec-epilepsy.org/



Dr. Jennifer DeWolfe, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

Dr. NasrollahEslami, Bessemer, AL

Dr. Robert Knowlton, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

Dr. Christopher Laganke, Cullman Regional Medical Center, Cullman, AL

Dr. A. Lebron Paige, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

Dr. Sandipan Pati, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

Dr. Potts, Tuscaloosa, AL

Dr. Jerzy Szaflarski, Director Neurology Clinic at Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital, Birmington, AL — Epileptologist


Dr. M. Hillstrand. A.N.P., Anchorage, AK


Dr. Louann Carnahan at Tucson…

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