Bell’s palsy is brutal

at least i have a brain

I had one vaccine.

I had one vaccine.

I had many neurological problems

The Bell’s Palsy is now with me about a year!

Today is this .


In bed.

Eye taped to help it droop less at bight.

Tearing is making that tape challenged!

Ventilator makes an imperfect seal painful and yep corneal abrasions galore.

Corneal abrasions feel like blinking on shards of glass. They also hurt in daylight. so i am in my sunglasses indoors all the time as required.

So so tired.


JustOne vax.

LOTSs of other organ problems.

All reported as adverse drug reactions but who monitors them all?


Aspiration. Drooling. Pain. So much more than the look.

Am i a conspiracy theorist???

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