The Struggle to Let Go

Don't Lose Hope

Letting go can feel like a tremendous struggle, even when you know it is absolutely necessary for you to live a better life. Breaking with the past is literally a break, an end, a refusal to return.” – Unknown

Letting go … It sounds so easy … Like opening up your hand … And watch your balloon float very gently to the sky.

But letting go of trauma, or a bad relationship, is difficult, heart-wrenching. It is painful and complex.

And here are a few reasons why this might be the case:

1. A sense of continuity is built into our life. We expect certain people to always be there, and to always be a part of our personal narrative.

Hence, when that story’s interrupted, or is ripped away from us, it has a huge impact on our psyche and our world. We feel disoriented. Disconnected from ourselves.


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