Declaring God In All Things

Devotional Treasure

Inverness shoreline at night.
Photography courtesy of Ben Bremner,

To declare that the Lord is upright;
He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.

Psalm 92:15 (NASB)

Today sees the final episode from Psalm 92:12-15, and the subject of what makes a righteous man – a man of God. In “A Righteous Man” the psalmist refers to the righteous as stately trees and I asked whether as His trees are our roots soaking in God’s Word. In “Planted To Flourish” I introduce you to Almighty God the Gardener, planting His righteous ones in His house (the church). His planting plan is for family unity amongst His children. In “Still Serving Him!” we confront the Biblical reality that as God’s servants we do not retire until He calls us home. The righteous grow and flourish in their service of Him being a rich source of wisdom…

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