Not a moral issue 8/25

The daily addict

I am grateful for the doctors, psychologists, religious folk and every day people that went before me trying to figure out a “cure” for the alcoholic and drug addict.

Carl Jung happened to be one of those people. He understood that the alcoholic was not doing anything but seeking a connection with god.

This meant that it was not a moral issue. It was not due to ignorance, class, height, weight, color, where you came from or who you knew.

I drank and used drugs in an attempt to fill myself in search of a higher energy. It worked for awhile but the fix was only temporary.

Then when I was in rehab over 12 years ago I heard someone say “this is a disease that has a spiritual solution.” I knew – right then and there – this was about god.

Don’t get me wrong…I was in shock when…

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