God’s magic 8/29

The daily addict

There is no other way to describe what I just experienced.

Coincidence, miracle, synchronicity, divine timing…it is gods magic.

I went to the memorial of a friends daughter yesterday. My friend Laura’s 22 year old daughter Alex, tragically and suddenly passed away 3 years ago on August 28th.

The exact moment that I heard she passed via phone call – a soft white feather slowly and gently was floating in front of my window. I was in shock.

Now it is 3 years later and a beautiful Sunday morning and we have gathered to celebrate Alex.

The first thing I notice is that one of the stones diagonally behind Alex’s plot is a stone for YOUNG. This is my married name.

Then I was asked to take some photos so I walked around to the front and I see diagonally in front of Alex’s plot a memorial for FRAZIER –…

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