Thoughts of man

Ever hidden jewels in caverns,
Lie the deepest thoughts of Man
Where God´s Love is always stirring
never near mortal demands

A place of calm and deepest refuge
A place unfettered like the sea
Always stirring pure emotions
Setting every captive free

Like the waves e’er pushing forward
Or the leaves in autumn trees
freeing man from his addictions
a place where every demon flees

Back and forth with branches swaying,
A breeze it sweeps upon the leaves,
Bringing man to stations higher,
Than at first he did believe.

Touching first the ruffled feather,
Of rested birds within their nests,
Then stripping through the thickened treetops.
Bringing leaves, autumnal rest.

Gently stirring garden blossoms.
Harshly pulling tidal seas,
Taking man to places heavenly,
Than he could e’er first believe.

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