Herbert Booth

Christian Devotions


Herbert Howard Booth was the fifth ofWilliamandCatherine Booth‘s eight children. Born in1862, he was in his mid-teens when the Christian Mission started by his parents in the East End ofLondonwas transformed into theSalvation Army. Herbert, like his siblings, was thrown into the thick of the battles which raged around the new movement. At the age of 22, after two turbulent years helping his older sisterKateset up operations inFrance, he was put in charge of cadet officer training inEngland.

Song Writing

Herbert wrote many songs that are sung by Salvationists around the world. He was a gifted musician, a key skill in an organisation so immersed in music. He also organised large spectaculars, such as the annual anniversary celebration at the Crystal Palace in London, where attendances at times reached 70,000 and Salvation Army…

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