Some Thoughts on Broken Trust

Don't Lose Hope

“Trust starts with truth, and ends with truth.”

1. If you lie and choose to break your partner’s trust, he or she may never fully trust you again. The damage will depend on how major the lie is … But often the effects will be serious and long-lasting …

For how can you determine if they’re lying in the future? You were hood-winked in the past so it could happen once again.

2. Once trust has been broken, things can never be the same. There will always be a tiny hairline crack in the mirror. You can’t reverse the damage, or eradicate all traces. The facts are still the facts, and the memories remain.

3. Betrayal stops a person from equating trust and love. Now, trust has to be earned, and it must be verified. A person has to prove they are worthy of your love. Saying “

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