The time … I realized maybe I don’t have it *that* bad?

Ellie the Crunch

So last night we went out with 2 other couples. Was a last minute thing.

Where we live there are a lot of Jewish young couples and they all know each other.

The restaurant that was picked was full of these couples and it was basically one big party.

Our table had 3 couples:

An extremely wealthy, smart, self made woman with her husband (who was actually related to me).

A horny jeweler married to a girl 10 years younger. His wealth level is not completely known but he is definitely doing ok with a $180k watch at his wrist.

And husband and I.

We were probably the least “wealthy” for not saying the in other words.

The wives were wearing both very expensive jewelry, had perfectly manicured hands.

I was wearing my Zanetti shoes which used to impress people, lol, not in this group of people.

I have some…

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