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Advocate Kevin Nuñez

Hello friends, once again I am lending a free space to a friend to share their story. Daniel is an autism advocate who runs an autism support group in New Jersey. Since I cannot relate very well to Austin because that is not my disability I figured this is a very interesting window. People on the Spectrum tend to have special interests please take your time and read about Daniels. Thank you for your time as always.

Some of my favorite cars have been stacked round headlight models, such as were the fashion in the mid 1960s.

Nash pioneered the style with its 1957 Ambassador. Mercedes picked it up in 1959, and kept the look well into the early ’70s. Pontiac adopted it for 1963-’67, the full-size Fords for 1965-’67, the Plymouth Fury for 1965-’68, the Mercury Comet for 1965-’67, Cadillac for 1965-’68, the Buick Riviera for 1965 (with clamshell…

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