Like A Tree

Thank you Tina for your post today The first line (in fact the whole poem) brings to mind a well known chorus in The Salvation Army called ” We’re All seeking the same Saviour”. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Pippi's Poetry

We all need a Savior

In the flesh hearts grow weak

But God is our strength

He’s the anchor that we preach.

We’ve all grasped for hope

And grown faint on our knees

Our heart becomes downcast

When life becomes bleak

Holding on by a thread

We’re held in His arms

Fed in the desert

And healed by His scars.

Like a tree we have roots

For He’s planted us deep

Hope deferred leaves us longing

But He sees what we need

So we grow like a tree

As we stay in The Vine

Planted by the water

Until it’s our time.

Tina W.

November 7, 2021

(Credit for both photos goes to Pixabay user miroslavkaclik.)

Hold onto Hope in the Delay

Delayed hope makes one sick at heart, but a fulfilled longing is a tree of life.

Proverbs 13:12 (Names of God Bible)

There is a season (a time…

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