The Ghost Whisperer

Hey Momma

Image: *Ghosts roam the halls at the Kings Arms Hotel in Lancaster*

“It is required of every man’ the ghost returned, 
‘That the spirit within him, should walk abroad among his fellow man and travel far and wide and if the spirit goes not forth in life, it is condemned to do so after death’ 
~ Charles DickensTHE GHOST WHISPERER  With magical quill, he spelled dreams, in a dark world, as bleak as it seemed. In black and sodden, cobbled streets, raggedy children, shuffled on bare feet. The smells of neglect and overcrowding, shadows flicker, loomed, overpowering. Polluted with poverty, grunge and grime, the hungry gaze of dull, feverish eyes. Gusts of wind, rattled on broken panes, swiping smoke off braziers, fiery flames. In the smut of Victoria's, industrial era, many, lived in poverty, scarcity and fear. The derelict, invisible, trapped bones, in desolation, the homeless all…

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